The LBR Philosophy

Life will always present challenges.  To overcome those challenges and achieve personal and professional success, you need planning, preparation, flexibility and a little bit of favor.

Every problem can be solved. And, we need to rely on the experts to help us.  We have experts in every component of business and personal finance and partner with our clients to develop robust options and solutions.

Don't sacrifice quality.  In your business and personal finance endeavors, you must set high expectations and requirements of yourself, your team and your partners.  We will deliver the highest quality to you and remain in a continuous improvement state to ensure we set the highest bar.

Meet the Team

Solving Tomorrow's Problem Today.

We bring subject matter expertise, realistic assessment, honesty, creativity to you.

Earlene McKee

Founder & CEO

Official Tax Doctor, Master of Quickbooks and Accounting, people connector, and world-traveler.

Earlene brings depth of knowledge of. . . everything, customer service expertise, and deep analytical skills.

Bendrick Cade

Print Solutions Executive

Operations guru, retail expert, graphic designer, master of entrepreneurship, boat enthusiast and king of the grill.

Bendrick provides operational expertise, risk identification and tactical execution skills.

Lacrecia Cade

Mozaic 360 Executive

Lawyer, former top-executive, strategy expert and self-proclaimed chef.

Lacrecia brings creative strategies, legal expertise and effective communication.

Solving Tomorrow's Problem to Day

Contact us today and we will begin immediately helping you solve your problem.